Untitled (or The Story of a Man)

I had begun writing this story a while back, along with a pretty skeletal outline, and then misplaced my notebook. I had forgotten all about it until I found the notebook by accident today. I’m considering continuing it. What do you think?

The Story of a Man

To give you even the slightest insight on Leo Stone, I must provide you with tiny glimpses of private truths from his life as I’ve experienced it. These moments have a large range in dates as it has been just as imperative for me to know about his childhood and adulthood, as well as all of the ‘hoods’ in between. If even one of these pieces were missing, my many varying opinions of him would be completely skewed. Every detail plays a distinct role in my attachment to and fascination with Leo Stone.

The real trouble is figuring out where to begin. It would make the most sense to choose the beginning of his life as that is the easiest to keep track of, but then you would expect simplicity from this story and these feelings and this man, and I just can’t steer you so far off course. So we’ll do this his way; the way of the Gemini. We’ll be in many places at the same time with so many rampant back-and-forth movements that it’ll make your head spin. So strap in and prepare for the tumultuous journey.

Leo Stone is a man of many words and many truths, most of which contradict one another.


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